Lets Start at the Very Beginning…

There is a popular phrase about the journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step and so today, I am taking that step. It may not be an entirely new journey, it is more like a return to the very start.

In 2007 I composed my first blog post on the original PhotoComment site. The idea back then of PhotoComment was a home for my personal thoughts on the photographic industry and just about anything else that revolved around my passion for pictures and camera gear. Over time things grew and splintered, the next thing it was a magazine and then one day it was all gone.

I lost my love for the industry, the gear, the art… it was all numb.

After a break, I have recently picked up a camera again. I am shooting for the love of it now. With this in mind, I have decided to go back to the core of why I registered the domain, www.photocomment.co.za to begin with. Thanks to Greg for helping set things up.

Those of you looking for the original content that spanned the years on the original PhotoComment site, you can still do so. Head on over to www.archive.photocomment.co.za and find the old site there. Over time some links may have broken, so I cannot guarantee everything works like it did back in the day, but some may still find it useful.

So moving forward, I cannot tell you exactly yet what to expect on this site. Some of my images sure… maybe the odd chat with a photographer friend. The idea about the name ¨PhotoComment¨ was for it to be a place where I could comment on the photographic industry, but also from time to time, a place where photographs could make their comments on the world we live in.

So a toast to moving forward in new projects in life and hoping this makes it through the whole of 2016 🙂